Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Business School at the University of Queensland in Australia is offering a 100% tuition scholarship to international MBA students.

The scholarship will entitle the successful applicants to receive a 100% discount on their course tuition fees for the minimum number of units required to complete the Accelerated full-time (12 month) MBA program unless otherwise stated.

The scholarship will be renewed at the end of each semester of the program if the holder:
(a) obtains satisfactory grades; and
(b) makes a satisfactory rate of progress towards completing the Accelerated full-time (12 month) MBA program;
(c) fulfills the obligations of the Accelerated full-time (12 month) MBA program; and
(d) remains a full-time MBA student.

Obligations of the scholarship holder are to:
  1. commence study in January including the MBA orientation event; and
  2. complete all 12 courses within the MBA program course list (no substitutions permitted); and
  3. fulfill all requirements associated with their student visa; and
  4. diligently and to the best of their ability apply themselves to the successful completion of the full-time (12 month) MBA program; and
  5. conform to The University of Queensland rules, regulations, policies, and procedures (including disciplinary provisions); and
  6. not defer or otherwise interrupt studies; and
  7. notify the Academic Dean and Head of School in writing if:
    1. they are absent for any reason (other than officially timetabled study breaks) for a period of 7 daysor more from the place of study, except with prior approval from the MBA Director.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 October, 2015.

For further details and application please visit the University of Queensland, Australia Full-Time International MBA Scholarships page.